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ArtStation Community Challenge "Beneath the Waves" - Character Design

Visit the following link if you want to see my full submission:

I also entered and eventually withdrew from the environment design challenge due to life and technical difficulties getting in the way. I will be finishing up the Callout sheets and environment frames in the next few days so check back if you want to find out more about the world my characters and creatures live in.

Yun nam character1 fin

Character 1

Yun nam character2 fin

Character 2

Yun nam character3 fin

Character 3

Yun nam character4 fin

Character 4

Yun nam character5 fin

Character 5

Yun nam creature1 fin

Creature 1

Yun nam creature2 fin

Creature 2

Yun nam creature3 fin

Creature 3

Yun nam creature4 fin

Creature 4

Yun nam creature5 fin

Creature 5

Yun nam sketch general anatomy 72

Sketch: Anatomy

Yun nam sketch movement 72

Sketch: Neck Movement

Yun nam sketch race 72

Sketch: Character race - general appearance